H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd is a privately owned West Midlands based iron foundry, founded by Mr. Goodwin in Walsall in 1919.

As a malleable & grey iron foundry, we have seen a program of continual investment which has equipped our team with the latest tools and skills to deliver quality – malleable, ductile, aluminium and grey iron castings to a range of different industries.

Our processes include – disamatic moulding, green sand moulding, shell moulding, air set moulding and secondary operation machining. We also now offer pressure die casting in zinc and aluminium.

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We are 9001:2015 accredited.

Unrivalled Customer Experience

We guarantee a transparent, trustworthy and traditional service – right from design stage right through to completion.


Over 200 years’ experience

We have over 200 years of history, catering for all of your casting requirements.

Cost effective, high quality castings

The wide range of methods that we have available enable the most cost effective solution to be selected for every order.

Investing in technology 

Our mix of casting equipment ensures that we have a versatile facility that enables us to offer competitively priced castings with best lead times

Proud to supply…


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