A palletline semi-automatic track using green sand moulding is the most economical and best-known methods of producing castings.

What is Green Sand Moulding?

The green sand moulding process requires sand, clay and water to be mixed together to form a mould material that can then be compacted around a pattern to produce a mould. Water develops bonding qualities in the clay, which binds the sand together when used in its moist form (bit dried or baked) it is referred to as green.

Green sand castings are found in everything from ship parts to engine blocks.

Our Green Sand Moulding Process

We use boxless moulds of either –

17” x 13” (430mm x 330mm)

18” x 14” (460mm x 355mm)

Moulds are produced using BMM Jolt Squeeze moulding machines, and then transferred to a multi-track pallet line, which is where the moulds are continually cast.

Once the castings have formed & cooled, they are then transferred to the automatic shakeout machine, from where the sand is sent for recycling.

This method can produce castings from a few Grammes up to a maximum unit weight of 15kgs.

Problem Solving Expertise

The combination of our experienced engineers, pattern makers and metallurgists means that customers who require specific products for specific industries, or those who require bespoke or adapted castings can be accommodated. We strive to work closely alongside our customers to develop long term engineering solutions to any engineering problems.


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