Secondary Operation Machining

Most of the machining is carried out in our own machine shop. In addition to fettling and grinding, we undertake milling, slotting, turning and boring onsite. Other machining operations can be subcontracted to approved machine shops.

Heat Treatment for Whiteheart, Blackheart & Stress Relief

Specialist in-house, 10 tonne capacity heat treatment enables us to produce the Whiteheart Malleable range which is very ductile and also suitable for producing weldable castings. This same oven also allows us to anneal castings to requirements.

Wet Painting

Using this process, liquid paint is sprayed onto the surfaces of the casting in a coloured pigment suspended in a solvent. While it is being sprayed, the part is rotated to ensure full coverage.

Power Coating

Powder coatings are available in a very large range of colours and they can produce varying textures, depending on the requirement and end use. These coatings offer higher levels of abrasion and wear resistance than wet paint finishes – due to the thermal bonding involved.

Linishing and Polishing


Assembly and Sub Assembly

Project Management


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