Our Shell Moulding Process

Shell mold casting is a process similar to sand casting, in that molten metal is poured into an expendable mold. However, in shell mold casting, the mold is a thin-walled shell created from applying a sand-resin mixture around a pattern using a Super Simplex fully-automatic machine. The pattern, a metal piece in the shape of the desired part, is reused to form multiple shell molds.

Our moulding “Shells” are 16″ x 12″ or 16″ x 14″.

Castings can be produced up to a maximum unit weight of 15kgs using this process.


Accuracy is the prime asset of Shell Moulding, therefore reducing the need for expensive machining and grinding operations. This is a more precise method of manufacturing castings and it is possible to achieve dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.5mm.

The Advantages of Sand Moulding

  • Good surface finishes, and precision of the process

  • Complex shapes and fine details can be formed with very good surface finish

  • Little scrap and wastage generated

  • Various material options

  • Quick lead times are possible


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