Whiteheart Malleable Iron Castings

The Weldable Malleable with High Ductility

White cast iron where carbon is combined forming iron carbide which is then heat treated to produce a material that is either partially or entirely decarburised, resulting in a material that has malleable and ductile properties. Any remaining carbon will be present as temper carbon.

An advantage of this grade is that it is a weldable cast iron.

Whiteheart Malleable can be used to produce thin section coatings.

Whiteheart Malleable Grades produced:

  • ENGJMW400-5
  • Reference BSEN1361 founding Malleable Cast Irons

Available applications:

  • Antique Ironwork

  • Bicycle Components

  • General Engineering

  • Lock Industry

  • Overhead Line Industry

  • Pneumatic Clamps and Couplings

  • Roller Shutter Door Castings

  • Scaffold Components

  • Truck Manufacturers